The Honey Badgers of Code

The title of this post isn’t just about the almighty honey badger. It’s the name that I voted for in class, for the name of our cohort.

Can I tell you a not so thinly veiled secret? I feel utterly lost at this point in class.

Our curriculum has been so disjointed, or maybe my expectations haven’t been in line with my progress? This is an understatement. In the interests of modern diplomacy, I won’t go down the route of negativity.

I can’t complain too much, as I am immensely grateful to have been given the opportunity to attend this class for free.

My main takeaway from the boot camp that I’m attending is that I need to be an even better self-starter and regulate my time and processing of information. It’s been an overload so far of massive proportions.

My disclaimer for this post is that some of the links I’ll share are affiliate codes.

However, I am actually taking all of the courses that I’m recommending. I’m real like that as I have the interest to share with you that I’ve found immense benefit from these classes.

Where were all of these classes in the 1990’s?

My favorite course on Udemy right has to be The Web Developer Bootcamp by Colt Steele.

He’s got a very personable manner and his pace is terrific for me. It doesn’t hurt that he has been a course developer for General Assembly and Udacity, either. I’ve understood a lot more in JavaScript because of him.

In addition, I don’t find the material in his course to be presented too slowly or too fast. You can always pause the videos, too, which is so helpful. 1000% recommendation for sure.

Another instructor that I really enjoy is Brad Hussey (of Code College.CA). A very fun presenter, he is both immensely knowledgeable and helped me through a bunch of issues with designing with Bootstrap.

I just registered for another class of his, as I like his teaching style so much.

I’ve been following Skillcrush for a long time now and finally registered for their freelance WordPress Career Blueprint. A money back guarantee is hard to resist as well!

I’ve been working with WordPress since 2007 and it’s time to take it to the next level. There’s also the convenience of using an open source framework that powers nearly 25% of the websites in the world!

I’m concerned about PHP going the way of the dodo bird eventually, but for now, I’ll keep practicing.

This class officially ends mid-May, and I’m already building my portfolio (see the portfolio tab) so that I’ll have some work to show when I’m done.

I’ve already been job hunting so I can find my niche in tech. I feel that it’s where money and opportunity are for a career changer like me.

I’ve often thought that one can become very good at things that don’t particularly suit us anymore. My time in the “professional beauty industry” is a good example of that.

Although I’ll always love makeup and skin care (my friends still come to me for my expert recommendations), what I don’t like is being part of a machine that preys on insecurity.

Like the internet, beauty can be a tool, but it gets into a territory that I don’t like when we are made to feel bad for not using the latest and greatest.

Work with what you know, educate yourself on what you don’t, and stay humble during the process.

I’ll be staying humble, as I realize I love this feeling when I learn new things in coding. You have to start somewhere, and I’m enthusiastic about the process.


Here’s a post from Medium that has me really thinking. I wish that it existed many years ago before I started coding and doing web stuff.

Don’t learn to code; don’t be a coder. 


Today’s lovely random is this Kickstarter project about the Golden Ratio Coloring Book. Absolutely beautiful!