Links Galore 6.3.16

Image courtesy of Unsplash and NASA

Here are the links of the week.

Who won Google vs. Oracle? Developers won

Why does music give some people “skin-gasms”?

13 common fears of tech beginners, and how to overcome them

A Googler explains how to design your time rather than manage it

12 signs you’re doing way better than you give yourself credit for

There’s a new documentary about beauty standards and the trailer is amazing.

Play with programming. Solve challenging problems, code AI bots, have fun

Moby gives away four hours of ambient music designed for sleeping or meditation

Gustave Doré’s hauntingly beautiful 1883 illustrations for Edgar Allan Poe’s “The Raven”

Unemployed, 55, and faking normal: you may recognize these women, hiding in plain sight.

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