Links Galore 6.24.16

Oh wow, I haven’t posted anything here in a little bit. I’m saddened by recent events in the world and hope that each one of us realizes that it starts with us. Be the change that you wish to see in the world, please. Vote accordingly, support organizations that you believe in and use websites like Charity Navigator to investigate where your donations are going.

I’ve got a top secret thing in the works and am not going to reveal all until the time is absolutely right. There might not be a perfect time, but I’m going to trust my instinct to wait to make the reveal. It’s going to be one of the hardest things that I’ve ever attempted, and I look forward to escaping my comfort zone.

I’ll give you only one hint: full-stack web development.

What else can I tell you before I share the links for the week with you? Oh, I turned 42 a few weeks ago and spent the day at SF Moma. Seven floors and thousands of moments of inspiration later, it was a success! I don’t how one is supposed to feel when they’re 42, but I tell you one thing: I’m glad that I have deliberately stayed out of the sun since I was 16!

Have a great weekend and check out the links for this week.

How to navigate your way through life if you have anxiety.

What my kidney stone taught me about sexism in the ER.

When should I list a programming language on my resume?

40 key computer science concepts explained in layman’s terms.

Happy Father’s Day, dad, I’m a computer scientist because of you.

A practical guide to becoming a professional web developer by Bill Sourour.

Study says making art reduces stress, even if you kind of suck at it. Yay, there’s hope!

UCSF study links pharma meals to brand-name prescribing by doctors. So much for ethics?

This map that shows you where all SF commuters call home is strangely mesmerizing. And gnarly.

Patagonia’s new study finds that fleece jackets are a serious pollutant. Not only are they hideous, but they’re also terrible for marine environments and elsewhere.

The last two links are from someone that I consider to be an influential role model, especially for us “self-taught” coders.

Quincy Larson helped create FreeCodeCamp and shares with you why so many developers hate recruiters. The last link is a video interview about teaching yourself how to code.