Links Galore 5.6.16

Image courtesy of Unsplash

This week is filled with links of varying degrees.

I have only one week left until I graduate from my coding boot camp. I’ve been super focused on my job search and managing my time efficiently.

Here’s an awesome Bootstrap 4 cheat sheet!

Here’s a great article on being a developer after 40.

This is the most remote and magical hotel on earth.

So how much protein do you really need in your diet?

Here’s the LinkedIn for women who have taken a career break.

Here’s a link from the FDA about the massive frozen food recall.

Did you know that these are things that you can get for free on some flights?

Learn the basics of four programming languages to get to the early coder stage.

Tiny owl pretends to be a rubber ducky while bobbing around in a warm bath.

Nobody’s heard of you (and that’s a good thing): the advantages of anonymity

Did you know that Prince quietly helped launch a coding program for inner city youth?

I’ve never thought about the psychological tricks that restaurants use with their menus.

Did you know that Facebook has spent $12.5 million to protect Mark Zuckerberg since 2013?

These photos are absolutely incredible! Fairytale Macro World by Polish photographer Magda Wasiczek.

It’s time to put some thought into listing online courses on your resume the right way (yes, there is a wrong way).

Have a great weekend!