Links Galore 5.20.16

Image courtesy of Unsplash

There are links galore from all over the place! Twin Peaks, VR, housing, bathrooms, blogging, cat prom dates, and more! The links galore part of this site is really just all of the tabs in my brain open all at once. Pick and choose what you like and bookmark accordingly.

Here’s another great free stock photo resource.

What people talk about when they talk about VR.

48 books to add to your tech reading list for 2016.

Can Portland avoid repeating San Francisco’s mistakes?

Why do we have men’s and women’s bathrooms anyway?

Programming doesn’t require talent or even passion. Hmmm.

How to get people to pay attention to your blog: a 4 part guide.

Hello, wish list item! This MiniMoog bean bag sofa can be yours.

This Twin Peaks version of “Clue” is a board game I’d love to play!

Here’s a perspective on a path to becoming a proficient web developer.

Artificially intelligent lawyer “Ross” has been hired by its first official law firm.

This guy who brought his cat to prom wins the internet for the day. So amazing.

James Altucher breaks down the one formula for happiness that no oneĀ told him.

Here are two ways to safely customize your WordPress site without a child theme.

Stop trying to be friends with consumers and do something worthy of their attention.

How I became a morning person, read more books, and learned a language in a year.

This was a top find of the week! See your favorite movies broken down into color palettes.