Links Galore 5.2.16

I’m getting closer to graduating from my coding boot camp and have been interviewing for a new job. I’ve also checked out a couple of internships, too. Here’s to the future!

I missed the links last Friday, but here they are, better late than never.

Let’s learn JavaScript closures.

Get 3 awesome tutorials on any web development topic.

How to fix the top 3 JavaScript mistakes that you’re making right now.

Here are 10 JavaScript questions every JavaScript developer should know.

Here are 6 online classes that you should take to increase your brand’s online presence.

I’m very aware of the procrastination loop. Screw motivation, what you need is discipline.

I love animals. I love costumes. Here’s a bunny named PuiPui wearing adorable, distinguished costumes.

“There’s not enough to go around.” Don’t let a scarcity mentality put a freeze on your business or career.

I remember the L.A. riots and the overall frustration and disappointment with the Rodney King verdict.

Bleak statistics in the Bay Area. San Francisco and Oakland losing working class twice as fast as expected.

It’s unrealistic for you to expect yourself to learn a framework that solves a problem you’ve never experienced. How to learn web frameworks.

“You live in a really expensive, foggy place that’s good for walking with artisan meats and bread.”  T.J.Miller of HBO’s Silicon Valley tells us how he really feels.

I’m such a cheerleader for all things Blade Runner as it’s my favorite movie of all time. Here are 142 behind-the-scenes pics of the miniature world in Blade Runner.

This is what I do when I can’t find my focus. I blast away the needless distractions. Carry on you must.


 Have a wonderful week!