Links Galore 5.13.16

Image courtesy of Unsplash

Today is my last day at JobTrain’s Web Developer Coding Bootcamp. I’m so thankful to have made some wonderful connections and friends during this time.

Here are the links of the week!

Why employers love advocating self-care.

What you should learn to get a better coding job.

Are you wasting your money at coding boot camp?

7 tips from SEO wizards that will boost your content.

Your brain has a delete button – here’s how to use it.

How to prioritize when your to-do list wants to kill you.

Did you know that The Stone Roses released a new song?

In case, you didn’t get the memo. Please don’t learn to code!

Let’s explore the universe of programming resources together.

Radio France is going to auction off 8000 vinyl records!! Let’s go!

Artist releases 3000 printable D&D miniature figurines. For free!

Never mind the bus pass: punks look back on their wildest days.

Slowdown? Layoffs at Bay Area tech companies more than double!

You too? After 104 rejections in tech, I figured out what I was really good at.

Watch the first passenger train travel from Downtown LA to Santa Monica in 60 years.