Links Galore 4.8.16

Here are some links that I’ve gathered for the week that I’ve found to be immensely helpful! Check them out, as you might find something useful, too.

Have some fun and Powerpuff Yourself along with me!

CSS Animation for Beginners

Freelance Hourly Rate Calculator

The Key To Accelerating Your Coding Skills

Aurora Borealis Heat Changing Coffee Mug

How To Enlist Other People To Do Your Networking For You

The Biggest Mistake Creatives Make When Planning Their Business

Interview with Anne-Laure: On Getting Started With Learning To Code

Inside Meow Wolf: The Amusement Park For People Who Want A Weirder Disneyland

11 Steps To Becoming a Computer Software Engineer (without a Computer Science Degree)

If you want to see my current portfolio that I’ve been working on for school, well, here it is.

I’ve been very preoccupied with school. My time is filled with working on websites and my portfolio and of course, seeking gainful employment. Life is a continual challenge, as it is for everyone, and I hope that you’re doing well.

Happy weekend fun time!