Latest Projects

I’m nearly halfway done with the class and have been working on a lot of stuff.

Here are some links and I want to test this and see if Codepen works with this plugin that I installed.

This is the project that I’ll be presenting in about an hour to my class. A simple slider built with HTML, CSS, JS, and jQuery.

Here is the Portfolio project that I did for FreeCodeCamp (which is one of my favorite free resources for coding on the web).

Here’s a wonderful link about most of the places to learn to code for free. It’s a comprehensive resource that was put together by Laurence of Learn to Code with Me. I cannot sing the praises of this enough.

For those of us that weren’t so mathcentric,¬†without CS degrees, it helps to reinforce the “I CAN do it no matter what” attitude.

Another link to check out is CSS Tricks.

Have a wonderful weekend! You CAN do all the things.