Goodbye 2017. Nice to meet 2018!


2017 was a year of change.

What happens when life and routines as you know them turn out to be a stepping stone for even more dramatic transitions?

It’s 31 degrees outside currently! You can’t layer enough when it’s this cold.


I’ve had a hard time figuring out just what to say here.

2017 was an incredibly challenging time for me and for many people I know.


Note: there are affiliate links in this post.

So let me take you on a journey of the good, the bad, and the hideously ugly, and not necessarily in that order.

Perhaps this is also a tale of good old-fashioned redemption as well, as I’d like to finish on a positive note with some helpful links.

Maybe you might remember that I’d mentioned that I was going to move back to the Pacific Northwest with the last post here?

After the disappointing ‘lack of being able to get enough skills on the job front by attending Learners Guild‘ thing, I needed a change.

While the entire moving process itself reached comic levels of purging as well as inefficiency, something truly awful happened right before the move.

I was crashed into by an uninsured motorist!

There’s one silver lining in all this and it’s that there are no registration fees to deal with. I do miss my car though.

Plus I am 1000% NOT at fault for any part of what happened, so I’m grateful for that and that my girls weren’t in the car at the time!

rainbowportland-lisabronwyn-2017After arriving on Thanksgiving, I did my best to get reacquainted with Portland. Special thanks to my friends here for helping me get sorted out because it couldn’t have happened without them.

I managed to get the first place that I applied for, but it was not without some hustle. Diligent is an adjective that’s used to describe me liberally, I’m sure.


Shortly after I got here, I was laid off! It stung because it was one of my favorite jobs that I’ve had so far.

The experience that I gained is invaluable, though. Small businesses are just that, and slimmer margins mean less room for error. Talk about change, right?

I’ll always have gratitude that they took a chance by working with me.

My latest resume for the coming year. I like it a lot!


I’ve already used it in conjunction with interesting boolean searches on Dice. I’m happy with the design and it reminds me of those Little Miss and Mr. So and So books. Exhibit A:


Hey, as far as I know, I’m delightful! And did you know that there is awesome merchandise on their site, including fitness wear?!



Don’t you feel frustrated when you’re on the edge of a career precipice?

I’ve been a member of Location Rebel for several years now. However, I had mostly neglected it within months of signing up after having my youngest. That’s changed over the past few weeks!

This year, I’ve learned how to be a better learner during my self-taught journey.

Sean knows his sh*t and this video also shows off the splendor of Oregon.

I was also introduced to Copy Hour by Derek Johanson as it was a perk of being an early sign-up to Location Rebel. Highly recommended, especially for those of you new to copywriting!

Mind if I make a startling confession that I only figured out this year?

Marketing can be sleazy. This was something that I wholeheartedly believed until recently! Why worry about things like SEO and self-promotion when I should/could be churning out thoughtful content?

REPEAT AFTER ME: It’s hard enough to believe in anything when you can’t always believe in yourself.

An amazing thing that recently happened is that I have a sponsored post that will be appearing shortly on my resale fashion blog, The Art of Resale! reached out after viewing one of the most popular posts on the site, Don’t Get Ripped Off When Buying Eyewear, Part One. And here’s Part Two.

I’m excited about our partnership but haven’t decided if I want to share the post here. One time I read that you shouldn’t cross-pollinate your interests. I’ve never believed in all the should’s anyway, so maybe you’ll see it here, too.


Trigger warning: the first article, ‘My Family’s Slave’ is very long but well worth the read. I’d like to think that this can’t and doesn’t happen anymore, but I know better. 🙁

The other link, ‘When The Racist Is Someone You Know And Love..’, is also triggering.

If you don’t read anything else on this list but those two, I won’t be offended.

+ My Family’s Slave

+ Stop Breaking Your Own Damn Heart

+ How to Become the Best in the World at What You Do

+ Urgent vs. Important: How to Stop Feeling Overwhelmed

Grit: A Complete Guide on Being Mentally Tough

+ When The Racist Is Someone You Know and Love…

+ You need to STOP these BAD developer habits NOW

Hackathon Report: What can you code in 30 hours? Quite a lot!

+ The System I Used to Write 5 Books and Over 1,000 Blog Posts

+ How I would explain a decade of web development to a time traveler from 2007

+ The Ultimate Collection of Google Font Pairings (Displayed Beautifully with Classic Art)

+ The Gift of Loneliness: A single woman’s secret to surviving the holiday season alone

Below are some awesome pics I found while browsing Unsplash, my first choice for royalty-free images on the web!


New Year’s Resolutions? I don’t think or worry about those anymore because it’s never too late or too early to be a better person.

If we can accept ourselves as we are in the here and now, we would disable many industries from preying on people.

It’s one thing to be motivated to improve yourself, but it’s another to feel terrible in the process while doing so. Don’t feel awful, you do you and you’ll get there. You might need help and that’s ok, but do question the help that you receive, especially if it’s commissioned and non-scientific.

Have a safe end of 2017 and I’ll see you next year!






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