CSS Resources and Marshmallows

It’s been very hectic in juggling my regular life stuff as a parent and student of life while managing attendance at my 16-week bootcamp course.

I’ve been hanging in there with the enormous volume of information that’s been presented to us over the past two weeks.

Here are some wonderful resources that have been such a help!

The 30 CSS selectors you must memorize

A visual way to understand CSS specificity

Mozilla Developer’s Network CSS font size reference¬†

The CSS Box Model

In a document, each element is represented as rectangular box. In CSS, each of these rectangular boxes is represented using the standard box model. Each box has four edges, the margin edge, the border edge, padding edge, and content edge. – MDN

I’ve been very frustrated with CodeSchool.com. There, I said it. There’s a lot of advanced CSS that doesn’t seem to have an appropriate context. Remember that I need my WHY and I haven’t been getting it so far.

We watched this TED talk today after completing our “marshmallow challenge.” Let’s just say that one of my teammates got us disqualified. I admired his bravery in doing so. For once, someone else was bolder than I!

[ted id=837 ]