Hi! I’m Lisa Bronwyn. 

I’m a web developer, storyteller, guest blogger, reseller, and brainstorm partner based in the Bay Area and the Pacific Northwest. But I’ve left pieces of my heart in London, New York, and Los Angeles, my hometown.

Part of my heart belongs to the internet, too.

I believe in the internet’s power to help us make real connections.

I’ve been here since the early days of BBS, where you could meet people to play Dungeons and Dragons with you. 

Most people are hardly surprised when they learn I started my career as a makeup artist. DIY forever and before there were thousands of beauty tutorials on YouTube, there were books like Way Bandy’s Designing Your Face: An Illustrated Guide to Using Cosmetics

Web and software development came later after I was dissatisfied with the software at a celebrity medical spa in L.A.

It was the best and it wasn’t good enough! Never settle. 

After that happened, I then embarked on my self-taught journey.


If I’ve learned one thing from nearly a decade of blogging, it’s that the best way to connect is to confess. Not creepy oversharing—I mean fusing the magical, confusing, inspiring world of the internet with the honest, occasionally-boring, mostly-inspiring truth that comes from curling up on the couch with your best friends.

So consider this site the couch party I wish that we could have about your site!

I’m also intensely curious and want to hear from other self-taught coders (especially women, POC, and anyone that identifies as an underrepresented person in tech) as I know this journey can be challenging. Let’s trade notes and some laughs.

I feel so fortunate in that I’ve been able to solve bigger and better problems through the years. It’s never too late to get into tech!

Los Angeles

The City of Angels is my hometown.

I grew up at the corner of Melrose and La Brea, where my parents had a vintage store and were stylists to the stars.

L.A. is as big or as little as you make it, and it’s helped shape me into who I am today, interesting stories and all.

However, every time I think that I want to move back, I head over to one of the best Instagram accounts. Serious hall of fame here, check it out: Overheard L.A.

Other Cities I've Lived In

Minneapolis/St. Paul
Seattle and then Portland
Palo Alto and the Bay Area

Random Fact

On the set of Dexter

If you watched any TV or movies during 2007-2008, you likely saw me on the big/small screens and didn’t know it!

Highlights: Dexter, House M.D., Ironman, Hannah Montana, E.R., Two And A Half Men, Californication, and lots that I don’t remember offhandedly.

I was featured in an episode of CSI: NY where I was cast as a florist.

A female character was gunned down at my cart!

Stunts are cool and the flowers were reset with every take. Noisy, messy, and fun!

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