Latest Projects

I’m nearly halfway done with the class and have been working on a lot of stuff.

Here are some links and I want to test this and see if Codepen works with this plugin that I installed.

This is the project that I’ll be presenting in about an hour to my class. A simple slider built with HTML, CSS, JS, and jQuery.

Here is the Portfolio project that I did for FreeCodeCamp (which is one of my favorite free resources for coding on the web).

Here’s a wonderful link about most of the places to learn to code for free. It’s a comprehensive resource that was put together by Laurence of Learn to Code with Me. I cannot sing the praises of this enough.

For those of us that weren’t so mathcentric, without CS degrees, it helps to reinforce the “I CAN do it no matter what” attitude.

Another link to check out is CSS Tricks.

Have a wonderful weekend! You CAN do all the things.