Hi, I’m Lisa. I’m a multipotentialite. Welcome to my site!

Most people are hardly surprised when they learn I started my career as a makeup artist.

Web and software development came into my life later, after I realized that I was dissatisfied with the software we were using at a celebrity medical spa in L.A. If this was the best that was available, it wasn’t good enough! Never settle.

From then on, I embarked on my self-taught development journey.

I became fascinated by the kind of problem-solving that results when you dive deep into consistently evolving libraries and frameworks. To make a positive impact while continually learning is also the thing I can’t shut up about.

How lucky is it that I’ve been able to solve bigger and better problems through the years?

When I work with colleagues, they tell me things like “Your idea to use regular expressions to solve one of the problems I was having was a great idea” and “I really appreciated you being vocal with your ideas and your willingness to try new solutions. Your front-end experience also helped us button up this project.”

I’m curious to hear from other self-taught coders as I know this journey can be challenging. Let’s trade notes and some laughs.

Hobbies include classic video games and pinball, style, blogging, writing, and motorcycling.

Random fact: if you watched any TV or movies during 2007-2008, you probably saw me on the big and small screens and didn’t even know it!

I’ve also been a DJ for about 20 years, and have been flown to cool places. There were a couple of residencies (most notably in the jungle room at one of the later incarnations of Magic Wednesdays in Los Angeles).

After sticking around for awhile, you might find yourself sharing stages with people whose names I won’t drop, but trust me, they’re good! Listening to music is akin to breathing for me.

I can always listen to Autechre, Aphex Twin, David Bowie, Jeff Buckley, The Cars, Nick Cave, Fugazi, PJ Harvey, Joy Division, Massive Attack, and so much more. I think I’ve seen Depeche Mode the most?

My bass guitar has been long neglected but I’m hoping to change that very soon!

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